The Day I Found Meaning at the Royal Marines

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  1. By creating a work or doing a deed — i.e., by pursuing or contributing to a clear goal or ambition
  2. By experiencing something or encountering someone — i.e., by seeing the potential in someone, making them aware of what they can be, and enabling them to make that come true because of the love you have for them
  3. By the attitude we take towards unavoidable suffering — i.e., by having the state of mind to transform inevitable adversity into a human achievement by challenging and changing yourself
  • Courage — get out front and do what is right
  • Determination — never give up
  • Unselfishness — oppo first; team second; self last
  • Cheerfulness in the face of adversity — make humour the heart of morale



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Arnoud Franken

Arnoud Franken

Helping leaders to accelerate meaningful change | Senior Consultant, Strategic Change Leadership | Professor | Keynote Speaker